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Young Artz:

2020 was a year that none of us will likely forget any time soon, but despite everything that happened last year - 2021 is going to be bigger and better than any year that came before it. This year, it’s all about starting it with a bang and finishing it even stronger and Young Artz is going to be one of those names that you need to have on your radar for 2021 and beyond it as well. As one of the UK’s top upcoming new artists, Young Artz has a new song + visuals in the stash for ‘Jimmy Choo’, a notable single off his new EP to be released later this year titled ‘Low On

Sleep & High On Dreams’. From what Young Artz is shaping up for in terms of this project, it’s clear that he is not playing one bit when it comes to his music.

If you are looking for energy, then this game changing collaboration by Primera Records and N9NE Records is a song for you. If you are looking for undeniable vibes, this is a song for you. If you are looking for a song you can play in the car as well as during the party, this is definitely a song for you. Produced and mixed by Young Artz himself, alongside Dreamz, Jimmy Choo showcases a bouncy 808 and drum laden production, a drip laced melody, flow and a catchy hook which is sure to have you repeating this song on your playlists over and over.

I always like songs which are different from their previous outings and Jimmy Choo brings a different atmosphere from ‘Lovely Guy’, ‘In The Nightime’, ‘Marvellous’, ‘Baby I Know’ and ‘Ball So Hard’, which were all different in their own rights. This is a true testament to Young Artz

artistry and range as a musician which bodes well for his future through his sheer ability to be versatile with his sounds.

The city spanning visuals heavily complement the song and emphasise the cool, laid back and smooth feel which echoe through the song itself. Jimmy Choo is definitely a feel good song sonically for the ears as well as for the eyes. Here is a trailer for the video here for you to check out! The full video will be out at the end of January so look out for it,

you won’t be disappointed.

I highly recommend people check him out as Young Artz is certainly poised to make sure that no one overlooks him as a major player in the scene through this upcoming EP, which is sure to showcase this artist's wide skill set as an artist and also a producer as well. Bringing a different vibe to the scene, he is determined to ensure that he separates himself from anyone in his lane and makes sure that 2021 is the year of Artz.


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