Raver - New Music And Write up

Raver whom original name is Marlon Grandison. Born in Jamaica before coming to England in 1994. Realising in 2013 that he had a musical gifts from when he woke up and started to sing. Fast forward from 2013 to this date he’s finally released a track recently that’s getting a lot of attention everywhere. To date he’s brought out two tracks, Happy mothers day and new single Bad up! Bad up has taken the nation by storm. He’s been on the BBC one xtra,HOT 97, REPREZENT, THE BEAT LONDON and many more. And has performed at Wrey and Nephew, Brixton jam, a long side the likes of Nadia Rose, Disya Jeneration, Leicester Carnival, and Rampage stage in carnival. Raver’s life has not been perfect, but music is the most pivotal moment of his life. Raver discovered his true soul, genuine self, and his life purpose. Realising that many others heading down the wrong path has the opportunity to change too, because it’s never too late! He decided to help share this message with others, and encourage them to find themselves and leave the streets and crime behind!

Apart from his new single “Bad up” Raver has many other musical talents and is set to release a new track title named Shell Dung and tracks after tracks

drive by

,fall seasons,nicest,cool breeze,eruption and Brafferz and mix up on the style a style riddim

“Bad up” Is the first official single, release date: Friday 12th April. It’s the first in a sequence of lit and gassy vibes influenced by Raver’s Jamaican heritage.


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