Peddy Pro - Depicted EP

Who Is Peddy Pro?

He goes by the name of Peddy Pro and is a music producer, song writer and sound engineer. Originally a Londoner but made the trip up North and currently resides in Wolverhampton.

What Is the Project About?

DEPICTED, is a 5-track project which really explores the different sub genres within R&B such as Soul, Old School and Contemporary R&B.

Peddy Pro describes that his aim is to use his platform to showcase up and coming Artists within the UK R&B scene. DEPICTED will have a follow up project with the next set of rising talents, who Peddy himself shas shortlisted already by using social media accounts on Instagram such as @rhythminbritan @rnbrit and so forth.

The EP was released on 26th March 2021 and had an exciting come up for the world to hear it. Peddy Pro thanks all the artists who trusted him enough to bring this project to life.

Instagram - @Peddypro

Twitter - @Peddypro


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