Jkiing and his new Single "Money on My Mind"

R&B Singer, Rapper and Songwriter Jkiing, also known as a producer is a talented musician Based in London. Kiing's sound stems from the old-school feels of Lloyd, Tank and Chris Brown. Later on, during his career he began to enjoy the sounds of The Weekend, Drake and many more. The name Jkiing stemmed from His poetic journey. Before calling himself this name he did some research to see if anyone else had the name and they did so he added two i's to make it original. Jkiing’s musical journey began about 12 years ago, it truly began when he started to compose/produce his own music.

Though we have gone through such a struggling period in our lives due to Covid-19, ‘Jkiing’ once again is back with a bang. The multifaceted artist presents us with his brand-new track “Money on My Mind” featuring up and coming artist ‘DK’. “Money on My Mind” is a R &B/Soul dreamy track based on the struggles we go through in life to make ends meet.

Jkiing and DK released this very detailed piece of work the 25TH March 2021.

Instagram/Twitter/Tiktoc - @TheRealJkiing

Instagram: @Dee.og19


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