Gee Naysi joins at OneDanceRadio....

OneDance Radio can now confirm that 'Gee Naysi' has Joined our radio station, taking over every saturday between 20:00PM - 22:00PM (GMT)

Gee Naysi...  London based Producer/DJ bringing to the table and the world his style of sound via production and Live mixes  Using his background infused with london culture, Gee Naysi brings to the listener am Undergound Soulful energy Vibe across House, Garage and other Urban Genres in music. Having done music for many years since school. What became Gee Naysi, started  2015 in conjunction with his music brand Soshaul Sound. Instagram/ gee_naysi  soundcloud /geenaysi  Mixcloud/geenaysi Facebook/ Gee Naysi 


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