Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the journey of a talented 25 year old chap from Chingford, East London. Di-Vincent — an artist of Chinese & Nigerian descent and he's been blessed with bundles of talent, from singing to rapping to producing his own riddims the boy's got a little suttum in his locker for you, him and her!

Crazy Beautiful Dreams is the 9-track debut project from East London’s Di-Vincent which explores themes of being lovesick, homesick, finding new love and most importantly, self-love. Known for being a raw, honest outlook on life, Di hides nothing in the project's 9 tracks and even takes the listener on his own journey of artistic experimentation over a blend of UK Neo Soul and Hip-Hop beats with an authentic modern spin. The lead single ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ - a 5-minute self-produced track - sums up the major theme of the tape; "nothing ventured nothing gained" - the idea that one must travel outside of their comfort zone in order to learn who they really are. Di bravely offers the listener his unapologetic self and leaves himself vulnerable in a sometimes-toxic society with hopes that his music will show you some part of what life is like as a Chinese-Nigerian-East ender who was brought up listening to the sounds of urban London. CBD invites you to unwind in the miseducation of Di-Vincent’s first foray into sharing the music he made for himself, with the masses. Follow Di-Vincent: Instagram - Spotify - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube

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