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I am an open format DJ hailing from North London who has learned the art of mixing, scratching and blending music since the age of 17 in Jamaica.By the age of 20 I began building a name for myself as a talented DJ and as such, started playing in clubs like DUO in Camden,  Shoreditch  Bar Group (SBG), Northampton University Events and more. Being a multi-genre DJ means the music I play is a mixture of Hip Hop , House, RnB, Dancehall, Reggae, UK Grime, UK Garage and more, however I can adapt to all styles of music when performing a set at any given venue. I have learned to target crowds with different music backgrounds so that everyone can have a good time because I believe that a DJ is supposed to capture the heart, soul and mind of all those in the room in order to create a memorable night.


Artists/DJs I've Opened up for:


Jameelah Jamil
Club MTV
Mista Jam
Meridian Dan
Steve McFadden (Eastenders) 
Chuckle brothers
DJ Russke
DMO Deejay
S Club 7
Reggie and Bollie

Fatman Scoop 

Yxng Bane 

Kojo Funds 

Nathan Dawe 

Geordie Shore Cast 

Big Tobz 


Lotto Boyz 

Tinie Tempah 

Charlie Sloth 


DJ Resident Spots: 


Tuesdays Northampton Student Union 

Wednesdays and Fridays - Balloon Bar Northampton 

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays - Trafik Shoreditch 

Thursdays - Catch Shoreditch 

Thursdays and Satrudays - Shelter Club London (Current) 

River Island - Summer and Christmas Dates 

Proud Embankment (Camden branch events) 


Social Media Links: 



Snapchat : @Natty700