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DJ Ace has been at the nexus of music, fashion, and nightlife for over half his living years as the go-to deejay for music impresarios, entertainment moguls, fashion icons, cultural trendsetters, and even world leaders. When Clubs in central london wanted a deejay for a special occasion ( New Years, Eve Halloween, Christmas parties, there's only one person he called. When Radio stations need a presenter there’s only one person she call to feature prime time hour.
DJ Ace career is the culmination of a lifetime of deejaying around the world, observing people react, and making people move. At age ten, he played school functions; at age thirteen, he played friends' birthdays; by age eighteen, he was playing the VIP rooms London City’s hotspots. During one late-night set, Ace caught the attention of Alex Dena , who, impressed with the youngster's vast knowledge of music well beyond his years, quickly hired Ace to deejay in California, traveling around the carribean on Carnival Cruise line. Thereafter began calling on him for many other parties. The offers snowballed and the hottest nightclubs around the globe all recognizing Ace unique ability to connect to everyone, everywhere.


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